Belgian Golden Ale 

@laurelwoodbrewingco Belgian Golden Strong. I’m going to bury the lead here. This is a 4 star beer. Just lovely. Underneath a fickle head that runs away quick is a beautifully clear Golden Ale with Lager like clarity. Subtle blend of fruitiness and citrus. I want to revisit this brew in the summer. Grab this beer if you can. #drinkcraftbeer #laurelwood #brewersjournal @kegs_code #lazybeer #fatgringobeerblog #craftbeer #drinklocalbeer 


The Daily Pale 

The Daily Pale, session IPA from @reubensbrews. At only 4.9% this could be served from vending machines. Bottle says there are citrus notes and passion fruit. I thought it was malty. However, Lisa agrees with Reuben. Citrus and passionfruit it is. #dailypale #reubensbrews #lazybeer #brewersjournal @kegs_code #fatgringobeerblog #drinklocalbeer #craftbeer #drinkcraftbeer 

Man Crush Beer

Discovered this via a happy accident. My wife and I were introduced to a couple that recently moved to Seattle from Brooklyn. That alone meant we years of conversation. The relationship was upped to besties when the husband divulged he is a beer distributor and then when out to his trunk to share some of his product with me. hashtag than you! #drinklocal #drinkcraftbeer #lazybeer #fatgringobeerblog #mancrush 

Belmont Brewing Company

@belmontbrewingcompany 6 wheel flight. Great Pale Ale, more breweries need to offer this excellent session style beer. I asked the BBC res if anyone ever detected bacon in the Long Beach Crude Porter. A. bug ‘No’ was the answer. Guess my nose is broke. #craftbeer #drinkcraftbeer #drinklocal #lazybeer #fatgringobeerblog

Gnomegeddon Blonde Ale 

Gnomegeddon from @breweryommegang. A delicious Blonde Ale bottle fermented with Brett. Fruity aroma hits the nose from a distance but a powerful dose of metal and funk take over when you get up in there. A nice strong beer to kick off a long weekend. #drinkcraftbeer #lazybeer #brewersjournal @kegs_code #fatgringobeerblog #ommegangbrewery 

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