The Really Great Uncle.

I have two daughters, a seven year old and three month old. I am not struck by my daughters overwhelming beauty when I look them. I do however experience an almost paralyzing fear of how much I have already screwed them up. The paralysis is largely due to two things. One, I am a slow learning. Two, there is so much more time for me to screw them up even more. 

This blog will not be a sarcastic walk around all the new ways of being ‘present’. Nor will I be exploring the abundance model, the mindful paradigm, or any other parlance of the times, as I heard a man once say. These are my mistakes as a dad, put down here so I can practice the art of story telling and so you can laugh your way around the same bad decisions. 

A friend of mine says that I am a great uncle but a terrible father. He drops sarcasm bombs on me all the time. The ‘Great Uncle’ comment is  followed by a smile that suggests a joke, then quickly dissolves into a deadpan stare. Its confusing because you don’t know if its a perfectly timed joke or a cowardly way of telling me the truth. So I guess the best title for this part of my blog is The Great Uncle. Yeah. I like that and to be honest I found it just as I was writing this intro. 

The Great Uncle: or Great Uncle. Bad dad. 

Jimmie G. 


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