The Daily Prompt: Beyond the Pale

When was the last time you did something completely new and out of your element? How was it? Will you do it again?

I have to respond to this Daily Prompt with a story.

My beloved Seahawks had a few bad games this season. One home game in particular they won but had a very poor offensive showing against a team many felt should have been handily beaten. A friend commented on how I must acknowledge that it was a good game. I responded how I often do when told I must do something  by dropping an F bomb and the personal pronoun you. My friends argument rested on the premise that I was reacting as fan of the Seahawks and not as a fan of football. To this I responded with a resounding “fucking a”. I am celebrated in my circle of friends for such pithy retorts.

And now we get closer to the reason for this post. Another third person was present for the football argument but not involved. The third person was not someone I had just met, but the question he asked during the heated exchange of properly evaluating the merits of a good football game, assured me that I would always like him.

Just as the debate crept over the line of friendly but boisterous to mean and personal, this hitherto spectator asked, “Jimmie, what do you do for a living?”. “I’m a wedding planner” came out smooth and dainty, and like a lace trimmed doily dusted the tension away in clouds of laughter.

Its true that I am a wedding planner. And here we finally arrive at my Beyond the Pale story.  In 2012 I took a position at an events space that does a lot of weddings and by default became a wedding coordinator. My Beyond the Pale is one) learning to bustle a wedding dress, and two) reaching into the gowns of mom’s and grandmothers to pin boutonnieres to bra straps.

Bustling a wedding dress in necessary so the bride can walk around with more ease by raising the back of the dress upward so that it doesn’t drag on the ground. This means getting your hands up under the dress. Often there is fabric under the outer dress and above the skirt of the dress, thereby making bustling a modest affair that can be done anywhere. But not always. Sometimes there is little left to the imagination as to what the groom, and more than once, what the bride’s bride (love wins!), will see later that evening. And that is Pale indeed. I’ll do it again because that is my job. My clients need to know that I can handle whatever comes up, or whatever I need to go up. Its the biggest day of their lives and any hiccup can cause anxiety.

Pinning the mom’s isn’t so much a Pale as it is comic relief. The common response to my warning of “I’m going in” are the myriad variations of  “at least someone is”.  Also comic relief are the husbands just out of my focus watching me stick my hand inside their wives gowns. My only fear in this task is one day sticking a mom with the pin. Worse than hurting the mom would be getting blood on the gown. What if they want to return it?

jimmie g

(no moms were hurt in the writing of this daily post)


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