The Daily Prompt: Happy Happy Joy Joy

Happy Happy Joy Joy

What does “happiness” look like to you?

Well this is all about when you read the prompt isn’t it? I glanced at this prompt this morning and had a different idea as to what I wanted to write about. I don;t remember what that was. Its much later now and my infant is just getting to sleep. Too late for me to veg out with some good ole bad sci-fi and I gotta say I’m none too pleased.

So, “happiness”, for me, right at this moment is the utter quiet in my apartment. Happiness is not wondering what the neighbors think of my late night baby working out her lungs.  Happiness is the sound of the keys fulfilling one more day of of daily posts.

I’m already looking forward to tomorrows happiness. A hot cup of steaming black coffee. No sugar because I seem to gain a pant size for every year into my forties I live. And there goes the “happiness”

jimmie g

no “happiness” was consumed during the writing of this blog.


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