DP: Obstacle Course |Metaphor is a pushy jerk.

Daily Prompt: Obstacle Course

by michelle w. on January 27, 2014

Think about what you wanted to accomplish last week. Did you? What are the things that hold you back from doing everything you’d like to do?

I wanted to write everyday last week but didn’t. I think I got two posts in. I don’t count the Daily Dude Quotes. I would have to say the main obstacle has been fear.

Fear that the idea in my head will not be so pretty when actualized on the screen. While its in the ole noggin it has potential . It could be the thing that lifts my family out lower middle class, if we are indeed that high up.

Right now my ideas are perfect kernels in a jar. Once I start popping I could burn some, or all. Over salting is an issue. In my house we like to put a couple dashes of soy in the bowl and sprinkle with nutritional yeast.  Any topping of which can be curious to new palates.  Distasteful. Sometimes I worry that my ingredients will be offense, but not often. The biggest worry is that I will ruin the kernels.

After the popping popcorn analogy has run dry I’m faced with good ole laziness and lack of drive. Also I have a seven year old and a three month old. Here’s another ‘also’. I haven’t gone for a run since my new baby was born. I could get up early, which is the same as saying sleep even less, and take a run. But then I run into laziness and drive again, not my best friends lately. So really, the blame lands on the shoulders of metaphor. We all know what a jerk metaphor can be.

Jimmie G


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