Here’s bunches of once(s).

I once took three drops in the eye and afterward I could see so well I weaved through throngs of people just like Han did through the asteroid field.

once thought myself an alien in a dead bowling alley nobody knew existed but was naturalized when I read the piece of paper sitting on my fingertip. The paper said be free. Don’t worry about what you look like because nobody is looking at you. On page two of that single piece of paper atop my fingertip it read, ‘once public solitude you don’t care if people are looking at you, and then you’ll truly be seen’.

Once I spun an incense stick into a frenzy. Making its ember sing for me. Like a little sun it spun and spun until it lost its likeness to a sun and became a fat pair of lips that sang karaoke for me. After the perfumed lap dance the girl sitting across the room said ‘”wow! it looked like that incense stick was singing”. I wish she would have said something cooler.

once spent the night in a friends bathroom laughing and smoking and making up stories about fairies and spaceships and angry elves who felt put upon. All while my friend held his left hand submerged in cold water for fear of it catching fire.

Once I danced in a field all night under a cool Colorado sky. I felt safe in the dark. We all did. And the sun peaked up and chased away our comfort. We took the back roads home, following the mountain ridge south. We stopped at a four way intersection to relieve ourselves. The road was littered with onions the size of softballs. It meant something then. I wish it still did.

Once I stood under a tree and made love to the Wyoming wind. It caressed my arms and nibbled my ear and told me I would never be cold again. There was somebody standing on the porch but they weren’t looking at me. Probably making love themselves.

once looked into an angels eyes. She had to have been an angel because all I could see was brilliant white beams of light shooting out of pools of green. The angel was gone when the sun came home, so too was my friend, though she lay next to me.

Onces, and onces, and once again. I have happy onces, but these are the onces visiting tonight.

Jimmie G.


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