Best Movies of 1987. Lazy Muses Podcast-E65

This was a big year with dozens of great movies. As the title suggests we couldn’t get it all in one episode. For part one Erik and I talk about all the movies that didn’t make out list from 1987.

We both had several lists for this list. One of mine was ‘Better on Erik’s List’ list, which is of course the films I read about but didn’t see and sounded pretentious enough to make his list (that last bit is to see if anyone is actually reading the post). Another of my lists was ‘So this movie happened’ list. One title from that was the Madonna tome ‘Who’s that girl’. The movie Disorderlies is also discussed.

Erik had a similar, but better titled list. He went with ‘So very Wow!’ list, which I love. We talk guilty pleasures from 1987, movies that are not sci-fi, and more than two dozen films that are worth conversation but didn’t make our personal cut for The Best Movies of 1987. 

Thanks for reading. I’ll type at you later.

Jimmie G


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