What’s in your lexicon?

I love movies for many of the same reasons others do. On the practical side I love the spectacle and simple mindedness of summer action flicks. I like the violent ballet of Jason Bourne. The absurd Sci-fi Terry Gilliam paints, or the drop dead funny written for us groundlings. High brow has its place, but near the back. People falling gets me every time. Good stories told with compelling narrative and a strong point of view will, for better or worse, allow me to hear my own voice, or find a new one. And I hardly ever want to see such movies twice. The movies I do see over and over always have one thing in common. Shorthand. A line that can cut through paragraphs of explanation to illuminate a situation in the best of all ways, with brevity. Some movies are rife with shorthand. It depends on your circle really. For me The Big Lebowski has the best batting average. Ask me if I’ll be attending a function of any sort and you’re likely to hear “I’ll be there man”. If I know I’m wrong about something yet I don’t want to admit, lets say for instance I upset my seven year old enough to send her to her room crying, which isn’t saying much since we are both very dramatic, and lets also assume my wife says “You need to apologize”, to which I respond, “I’m finishing my chicken”. This bit of shorthand also alludes to the Dude. Actually to Walter who says “I’m finishing my coffee” in response to making a First Amendment thing out of cursing in a family restaurant. The shorthand offered by a myriad of films provides us with a lexicon. A faster, and better penned way of getting to the point. This ability to help me communicate so efficiently deepens my fondness of the film. Sometimes it is the sole reason for appreciating the film. There Will Be Blood, is my least favorite PTA film, yet if I’m explaining consequences, or proposing an easy to make dinner that has been made too often recently, I will end with “Is that alright with you?”. If you haven’t whipped out any sort of object, and dropped the line “Say hello to my little friend” then you just haven’t lived. The lexicon of shorthand is what I love most about movies. It is what I am most thankful for. So thank you you writers for filling my coffers and helping me to better communicate. Its too bad that doing the same thing in writing is called plagiarism. What’s in your lexicon? jimmie G


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