Its not you, it me…

So long writers block. I realize its not you, it me that has been the lazy muse. Lounging about on my ideas, squishing them into the dark recesses of the sofa. I can vacuum them later, but by that time they aren’t ideas anymore, just dead pieces of inspiration.

So I bid you adieu writers block. 42 years I have stood behind you doing little more than adding graffiti to your wall.

I might not paint a mural, but I can at least do a self portrait every day. Maybe stitch together a quilt of smaller stories, if mixed metaphors can be allowed.

I’m tired of waiting for something to excite me into writing. Starting today I’m starting a month long exercise of writing myself into excitement.

Jimmie G.

This post is the first for the two week challenge designed by the crew over at The Writer’s Digest. Its called The Writing Prompt Boot Camp: Two weeks of Craft, Creativity, and Discipline. The PDF is free if sign up for the WD newsletter.


Collaborate. Please.

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