Fashioning the whip.

I’m not dying, I’ll do that later. What I am is a 43 year old and I have to tell you that time seems much different to me now, than even five or seven years ago. I remember the younger me with a disbelief that the memory I have of that younger me is so distant. I feel him inside of me, struggling to break free of this old man that has done so little of the things he wanted done.

That makes this list hard, cathartic, and dangerous. ‘Putting it out there’ is the first step in getting done what you want to get done. It can also be a measuring stick with which to beat yourself. Un-accomplishment is the whip of my flagellation. I only know that word because I saw Da Vinci Code.

But what the hell. Lets fashion another whip.

I want to, to be, to earn, to see, to…

  • To be Featured on Freshly Pressed
  • To sell a movie script
  • To earn the Certified Meeting Professional designation
  • To see my daughters go to college
  • Run a half marathon in every state
  • Publish a book of short stories
  • To finish the fantasy novel that had plagued my mind for years
  • Teach acting
  • Make a living writing
  • Eat at every restaurant in West Seattle
  • Have a beer from every brewery in the Pacific Northwest
  • Take my podcast, the lazy muses, to syndication
  • Be invited to Comic Con as a speaker
  • Retire with enough money to travel
  • Love my wife the way I did when we were kids
  • Raise strong, independent women, that will demand equality
  • Do something worth remembering
  • Perform Shakespeare in front of a paying audience again.
  • Have one of my plays performed simultaneously in multiple theatres.
  • Run Hood to Coast Relay
  • Visit my beloved New York City again
  • Be a home owner
  • Fashion a bucket list rather than a whip

Jimmie G

written in response to the Daily Prompt, Dust in the Wind. 



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