Rusted Iron

Rusted iron swells my tongue.

Exhaustion lurks on my cheeks to steal away salt.

Warm air is cooled by the weariness in my lungs, grabbing hold of focus and drowning it under early mornings and late nights.

White knuckled I drive anyway.

Jimmie G


Is something crawling on me?

Give us your answer in 42 words.




12 thoughts on “Rusted Iron”

  1. Stress is such a killer and these days it is all about late nights and early mornings,eh? Wonder if he was tormented buy other factors-or maybe my imagination is running away with me reading betrayal and resignation in the first two lines and suppressed ,violent anger in the last?Loved the tense feel in here 🙂


    1. no betrayal, or suppressed anger. However, I am happy that other feelings were taken from the words. I wrote this after an exceptionally long day. My tongue tasted funny and bloated, the rest was me trying to explain my feelings of exhaustion. Thanks for your comments. They are always appreciated.


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