Burdick Pale [ale]

Another one from the beer tasting. @burdickbrewery Pale [ale]. Brilliant hazy gold with a great barnyard funk. Not sure if this Pale was hit with Brett but it sure tasted like it. Best beer of the night and the first 4.5 star entry in my #brewerspassport from @kegs_code. #craftbeer #drinklocal #seattlebeer #lazybeer #fatgringobeerblog


American Brewing. Oatmeal Stout. 

@americanbrewing Oatmeal Stout. “Drink on the right side of history” is how the label finishes its pitch. Indeed. What side on you on. Now, more than ever in my 44 years, it’s a time for choice. #craftbeer #drinklocal #brewersjournal @kegs_code #lazybeer #fatgringobeerblog #vote #voteblue2016 


@pelicanbrewing Game Day IPA. Though I thought it can across much more like a lager. I lurv Pelican beers but I bought this purely because I’m a 12. #seahawks this beer poured a fantastic white head, thick like Sir Mix A Lot groupee. Pale gold in color and nowhere near the hop aroma for an IPA. Aroma fit nicely for a beer layered with some noble hops though. Enjoyable, in the way that a tie game is enjoyable. You appreciate all the hard work, but secretly yearn for something easy. #bornatthebeach #12s #craftbeer #lazybeer #fatgringobeerblog #drinklocal #seahawks When I say SEA, you say HOPS. SEA!