I was raised an Army brat, born on Langley Air Force Base, in Langley VA. The home of the CIA. For a brief time I lived with with my mom and her twin in Garden City, MI, while my father was off fighting the “man in the black pajamas, worthy fucking adversary”.  I don’t think my pops did much fighting though. After Garden City I didn’t live in non-government housing again until college.

I was bitten by the acting bug very early and have lazily pursued the craft since, even getting a MFA from the FSU/Asolo Conservatory for Actor Training. I ended up in Wyoming for undergrad where I received a BFA.  Both the degrees were a surprise. I never entertained the idea of higher education.  After graduating from Stuttgart American High School, in Germany I landed in Monterey, CA.

In Monterey I ran into a high school friend, and briefly a sweat heart. The old flame asked what I had planned. I answered “nothing”. She then informed me that  the community college only charged $75 a credit.  She said that’s what she was going to do and suggested I do the same. I said “sure”. And thus started my college career.  I hadn’t even taken the SAT or the ACT. Why would I pay to take a test?

My friend got married at mid-semester, to a guy she dated in high school, in Germany. I was alone in beautiful Monterey, underaged, and at a point in my life where any Friday or Saturday, or alcohol related holiday came by and I wasn’t out partying  made me feel like I had thrown away a winning lottery ticket. So when my best friend from high school would call from Laramie, Wyoming and there seemed to always be a huge party in the  background, the choice was simple. I had to go to college in Wyoming and study acting. So I did, for eight years. I started in 1991 and graduate in 1999.

Along the way I won a few acting awards, finally received a degree, and met the girl who would become the woman I married.

Wyoming lead to Florida where I received my MFA. From Florida, my wife and I move to New York City.  We eventually had a kid and when that kid neared school age we moved to Seattle for a better life.  Still looking for that better life here in the magical northwest.

I write because I want to create something great, and if I keep trying then maybe someday I will.  Also, if you think that having two kids means I have already created something great then you probably shouldn’t read anything I write.

Thats me. Kinda.

Jimmie G.


Collaborate. Please.

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