Bonfire Ale 

@fremontbrewing Bonfire Ale. A dark, malty Ale with big notes of vanilla and a hint of currants. The head pours huge if it give it room from the White wheat and Midnight wheat. A subtle bit of spiciness from the rye. A good ‘I ain’t getting off the couch beer’. #craftbeer #drinklocal #drinkcraftbeer #wabeer #lazybeer #brewersjournal @kegs_code #fatgringobeerblog 


Umbrella New  World IPA

Umbrella New World IPA from @pelicanbrewing. Big hop aroma and bitterness, brilliant gold color and thick foamy head. Everything the picture says it will be. #thebeachlife #brewerspassport @kegs_code #lazybeer #fatgringobeerblog #drinklocalbeer #craftbeer #craftbeerlover #pelicanbrewery 

Bad Santa 

Bad Santa Cascadian Dark Ale from @pelicanbrewing a fantastic black beer that sits under a long lasting mocha head. Coffee and cola notes, medium bodied, layered with Magnum. Yummy. #bornatthebeach #brewerspassport #craftbeer #craftbeerlover #drinklocalbeer #lazybeer #fatgringobeerblog 

Love Me Two Times

Love Me Two Times, Imperial Kölsch, from the excellent @georgetownbrewingco. Beautiful thick head, light color and bready maltiness. Layered with Amarillo and Peko. AND, to combat the mental exhaustion of the Presidential election ALL growlers were just $5 from the day after through Saturday. Way to go GTB! One more example of how marketing can be “Darn Tasty”. Bravo. #georgetownbrewing #craftbeer #drinklocal #lazybeer #fatgringobeerblog #brewerspassport @kegs_code

Citra Ass Down Dbl IPA

CITRA ASS DOWN and ‘Crush this beer’. Citra Ass Down comes from @atgbrewery Against the Grain Brewery, out of Louisville, KY. This double IPA with an embarrassment of Citra is as fun to drink as the label is to read. A breadth maltiness sits under the spicy fruitiness like an orange peel sandwich. Huge vanilla head that sticks around like a good side kick and a prickly mouthfeel with a dry finish. ‘This beer is not candy or mother’s milk’. Word to that. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️#atgbrewery #craftbeer #lazybeer #fatgringobeerblog #kegscode #brewerspassport #thelazymuse 

Teku Tavern 

This a new tap house and package store in Seattle. Beautiful copper behind the taps and a good selection of bottles. 

Checking out @tekutavern. Beautiful selection of brews on tap and a package store. Sipping on a Solog from @logsdonfarmhouseales, Belgian Style Pale Ale. Malty, dry, and a tiny bit of peppery spice. Perfect. #craftbeer #drinklocal #lazybeer #fatgringobeerblog 

Pike Vita Blonde Coffee Ale

@pikebrewing Pike Vita Blonde Coffee Ale. Gotta say they could have left coffee off the ingredient list and I never would have known. Besides that, full of hop bitterness on the back end, a bit of a tea fragrance. For some reason it reminds me of Orange Peko. #craftbeer #drinklocal #kegscode #brewerspassport #lazybeer #fatgringobeerblog #wacraftbeer #inbevsucks

Burdick Pale [ale]

Another one from the beer tasting. @burdickbrewery Pale [ale]. Brilliant hazy gold with a great barnyard funk. Not sure if this Pale was hit with Brett but it sure tasted like it. Best beer of the night and the first 4.5 star entry in my #brewerspassport from @kegs_code. #craftbeer #drinklocal #seattlebeer #lazybeer #fatgringobeerblog


@pelicanbrewing Game Day IPA. Though I thought it can across much more like a lager. I lurv Pelican beers but I bought this purely because I’m a 12. #seahawks this beer poured a fantastic white head, thick like Sir Mix A Lot groupee. Pale gold in color and nowhere near the hop aroma for an IPA. Aroma fit nicely for a beer layered with some noble hops though. Enjoyable, in the way that a tie game is enjoyable. You appreciate all the hard work, but secretly yearn for something easy. #bornatthebeach #12s #craftbeer #lazybeer #fatgringobeerblog #drinklocal #seahawks When I say SEA, you say HOPS. SEA! 

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