The Lazy Muses Podcast

The Lazy Misuses Podcast is me, Jimmie G and Erik Gratton talking about TV, Movies and, Beer. Every week we take on a favorite show like The Walking Dead, (The Lazy Dead) or Game of Thrones (Lazy Thrones). Spoiler alert! Both have all the books in the A Song of Ice and Fire series and love to compare where the HBO show and the books converge and diverge, lament over excised characters, and highlight those precious few moments that DB and Benioff.

I have geeked out so much over this series that I have additionally read the point of view chapters of individual characters straight through all five books, uninterrupted.

When its not those two TV shows Erik and I love Best of Lists. Best Movie Fists Fights, Best Stage to Screen Adaptations, Sexiest Movies Ever!

We open each episode discussing a new beer then dive right into the topic du jour, “mmm yes, I’ll have that”, and are almost immediately diverted and distracted.

You check out our web site here, or our Facebook fan page here. We have a guest on each week via Skype. If you have a topic you’re excited to discuss send it to, or if you’re lazy like us, just leave it in the comments here. 

Thanks for stopping by. I’ll type at you later.

Jimmie G


Collaborate. Please.

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